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One would think that going to the hair salon is an easy thing to do, but they would be wrong, oh, so wrong.

Each of us has experienced some inner struggles that had to be dealt with by chopping off a lot of hair or trying out a new hair style. However, sometimes, the change wasn’t what we needed after all. We end up regretting our decision badly, waiting for our hair to grow.

The worst part of the process is the in-between length that just doesn’t work for you. So, the main question is – how to survive the hair growth period and what can be done about it?

How Can You Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

Sadly, there isn’t a simple magical solution that will help your hair grow overnight.

Whether it is your hormones or genetics, your hair just doesn’t seem to grow fast enough for you to get the length you have been longing for. What makes matters worse, you seem to encounter friends with long, strong hair on every corner, but you could swear they wore it short only a couple of months ago.

However, there is no reason to fall into pits of despair over it, because there are many actions you can take so you can get the desired length in due course of time.

1) Take Care of What You Eat

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First things, first, you have to take care of what you eat.

Yes, we know. The hairdresser took your hair, now we are taking the comfort of your soul?

Nah, forget about it.

But hear us out, it’s not like that at all. We are forbidding you to go on a restrictive diet. Yes, you heard us right.

Restrictive dieting, if not conducted properly with the help of a proper dietitian, can have detrimental effects on not just your overall health, but your hair too. Restrictive dieting can sometimes lead to serious vitamin deficiency, which can make your hair fall off, become weak and easily breakable. The hair loss can continue months after going on a restrictive diet, so be very careful if you are thinking about such an endeavor.

Of course, excessive amounts of sugar and fats will also not help your cause. A proper, healthy diet is the way to go.

So, the bottom line is – no restrictions if you want to have nice, long hair, but don’t go to the other extreme, either. Special emphasis is put on proteins, which are crucial for optimal hair growth,

2) Trim Your Hair Regularly

You must have heard this before, but in order to keep your hair growing strong, you need to visit the feared hairdresser often. In order to have healthy hair, regular trimming is a must, don’t you doubt it for a second.

Split ends are not just displeasing to the eye, they have a harmful effect on the rest of your hair, too. They cause further breakage, which will make your hair look thinner. Not only that, when you actually decide to go to the hairdresser, they will need to cut more of your hair to get to the healthy, strong part. So, don’t wait too long, and have a proper trim every two months.

3) Take Hair-Growth Vitamins

Of course, you can’t expect supplements to solve all your problems, so having a proper dietary regime is essential, but why not push things a bit by taking a vitamin or two?

Apart from having a balanced diet which has to include the intake of foods rich in vitamins D, A, C and E, you may consider taking those in the form of a pill, too. This would mean the world for the state of not only your hair, but your entire health, especially if you are going through a rough patch. Stressful everyday life can certainly take its toll on the body, causing different health problems, even increased hair loss.

This is due to the fact that in order for the body and mind to deal with the hardship, they take all the nutrients they can get from what you eat and drink, so they can endure. That is why it is sometimes necessary to help your immune system work and boost it with the help of vitamin supplements.

The best vitamins you can take to promote hair growth are the ones that include B complex vitamins, iron, protein and Vitamin D. However, always be careful what you take and seek advice from your physician about which vitamins would be the best choice.

4) Be Careful When Brushing

Woman brushing hair

If you want your hair to be sleek, you have to brush it. However, be mindful of how you do that. Do not overdo it by combing it aggressively, because it can cause more harm than good. Aggressive brushing can only worsen your condition and destroy your strands, making your hair appear shorter than it really is.

When it comes to detangling your wet hair, be sure to follow the hair brushing 101 – start from the bottom, and make your way up slowly and carefully.

If you have problems with tangled hair, change your pillowcase, and start using a silk one. They can do wonders for the state of your hair. The soft silk surface of your pillowcase will not cause friction and, thus, it will help your cause.

5) Use Cold Water When Rinsing

It is a less known fact that using cold water in the final part of the washing can actually stimulate hair-growth.

By using cold water, you prevent the loss of the moisture, which, in the long run, can mean a world of difference. If you are somebody that thoroughly enjoys hot baths, sorry to disappoint you, this is going to be an either-or situation. It all comes down to what sacrifices you are willing to make for longer hair.

The heat from a hot bath can damage hair strands, and, if you are having problems with dry skin, it can make that condition worse, too. So, this is a no-brainer, is it not?

Conditioner for the Win

There are many different opinions about whether applying a proper conditioner can actually boost your hair growth. Especially in today’s time, where there are so many different products on the market saying they are able to achieve the same thing.

What Does a Conditioner Do?

Woman applying conditioner to hair

The majority of specialists agree that, when it comes to proper hair care, applying a conditioner is the part of your routine that shouldn’t be missed. It is an essential part of taking care of your hair for several reasons. Not only does it help your hair become stronger, but it also gives back the moisture it might have lost during the shampooing part. Without it, your hair would soon become dry and easily breakable, full of all those split ends we do not think fondly of.

If you want to stimulate the growth of your hair and restore the strength and thickness it used to have, you should stick to your best ally in this case, a good conditioner. It will help you see the difference, not only in the health of your hair, but also in its length in no time.  

Hair conditioner helps with the protein restoration to the hair. In That way, it prevents further damages, making it possible for the hair to grow as much as possible without breaking.

All of this is proof that conditioner, in fact, does help your hair to grow faster, which is an amazing quality, especially for those of us yearning for long and shiny hair.

However, as with any cosmetic product, there are some rules that need to be followed.

  • Apply the conditioner after you have washed it with shampoo. However, you need to be careful not to apply it on hair that has water dripping from it, you need to dry it out a bit. When your hair is too wet, the product can slide off. It won’t have any effect then, because it will not have enough time to penetrate into the hair strands.
  • When you are applying it, you have to put it on the ends of your hair, not the top. The bottom part of the hair is usually the most damaged, so it needs taking care of the most. If you put it on your scalp and the root of your hair, you are at risk of oiling the scalp a bit too much. The natural oils that your scalp produces are already concentrated mostly there, so it could have a counter effect. However, if you have a dry scalp, and a problem with dandruff, then you need to find an anti-dandruff conditioner, in which case it is recommended to put it on your scalp also, because dandruff is proof your scalp needs a bit more moisturizing.
  • Let’s face it, there is that time of the year when all of us experience excessive hair dryness and split ends. It is usually in the summer months, when we expose our hair to salt water and the sun during most part of the day. In this period, it is especially important to hydrate your hair regularly, and with more care. You will need you to devote some extra time to making your hair shiny and strong again. In this period, it is recommended that you apply some extra amount of conditioner on those damaged parts of your hair and let it stay there for at least 30 minutes. It may seem a lot, but if you want to have healthy hair, you need to work for it.
  • You need to distribute it evenly, so that every hair strand will get the appropriate care. Use a special comb for application.
  • After you have applied it and waited for the recommended amount of time, you need to rinse it thoroughly, until you feel under your fingers that no more product is left on the hair.

How to Choose the Right Conditioner

Woman choosing hair conditioner

Surprising as it may seem, the majority of people usually choose the wrong conditioner that is actually quite the opposite of the one they need.

In order to help you find “the right one” that will solve all your hair problems, the most important rule you need to follow is this one: the choice of your shampoo should depend on the state of your scalp, and the choice of your conditioner should depend on the state of your hair.

For example, if you have problems with an oily scalp and dry ends, you should choose a shampoo that will clean your scalp properly and remove all the excess oil, and a conditioner that will bring back moisture to your hair, and vice versa.

If your hair is too oily, you should avoid applying conditioner altogether, or use the ones that have the label that says that they add protein to your hair. Protein is extremely beneficial for oily hair.

Conditioner Ingredients That Promote Hair Growth

When choosing the right conditioner, make sure you choose the one that has one of the following ingredients, which are proven to strengthen your hair, making it grow faster.

  • Coconut oil – this magical ingredient is proven to have many beneficial properties, not only for your hair, but also for your health. Coconut oil helps make your hair flexible and strong. That way, it is way more enduring, it will break less and achieve the desired length faster.
  • Hydrolyzed keratin – this is a protein that can be found in hair and skin. Adding more of it strengthens your hair, making those split ends the thing of the past. It fills the chipped cuticles, and prevents your hair from breaking. The more ends you save, the longer your hair will be.
  • Olive oil – if you want to think of a more perfect ingredient, sorry to disappoint you, it’s impossible. So many different things you can use it for, a truly unique ingredient that solves many, many problems. Olive oil is most compatible with hair, giving it proper moisture. It prevents the ends from drying and falling off. It also strengthens each hair strand making it stronger than ever. It is perfect for the scalp too. It nourishes both the scalp and the roots, and boosts hair growth. It can stimulate the growth of new hair, too.   

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