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Evalectric Cheetah Print Hair Straightener
Evalectric Professional Styling Trio Crazy Pink Set

Pink Set

Evalectric Soft Touch Pink straightenerEvalectric Grande Curl Pink box
Evalectric Professional Styling Trio Black
Evalectric Professional Styling Trio Deep Purple Set

Purple Set

Evalectric 1.25 inch soft touch purple Hair Straightener
Out of stock
Evalectric Purple Ultra Pro DryerEvalectric Purple Ultra Pro Dryer Box
Evalectric Skinny Curl Black
Out of stock
Evalectric Classic Styler PurpleHair StraightenerEvalectric Deep Purple Classic Styler box

Soft Liliac

Evalectric 1.25 inch soft skull flat iron skull theme openedEvalectric 1.25 inch soft skull flat iron skull theme
Out of stock
Evalectric 1 inch Titanium Hot teal
Evalectric Straight Brush Pro PurpleEvalectric Straight Brush Pro Purple
Evalectric Straight Brush Pro Blue sideEvalectric Straight Brush Pro Blue
Evalectric Straight Brush Pro Orange sideEvalectric Straight Brush Pro Orange
Evalectric Straight Brush Pro Pink sideEvalectric Straight Brush Pro Pink

Straight Brush Styler Pink

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