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Evalectric Ultra Beauty Black opened mouthEvalectric Ultra Beauty Black
Evalectric Ultra Beauty Peach colorEvalectric Ultra Beauty Peach color with closed mouth
Evalectric Ultra Beauty Pink openedEvalectric Ultra Beauty Pink
Evalectric Ultra Beauty Purple colorEvalectric Ultra Beauty Purple color closed
Evalectric Ultra Pro DryerEvalectric Ultra Pro Dryer attachment

Ultra Pro Dryer

Evalectric Ultra Turbo Styler hair straightener blackEvalectric Ultra Turbo Styler with box

Ultra Turbo Styler

Evalectric venti curler black 25-32mmEvalectric venti curler black 25-32mm box
Evalectric Yin Yang Print Hair StraightenerEvalectric Yin Yang Hair Straightener box

Yin Yang

Evalectric Zebra Print hair straightenerEvalectric Zebra hair straightener box


Out of stock
Evalectric Complete Set Zebra

Zebra set