Grande Styling Wand Crazy Pink


The Grande Styling Wand 18/25mm is a professional curling iron that transforms dull, flat hair instantly by adding sculptured curls, beachy waves and incredible body. Grande Styling Wand 18/25mm uses a patented tourmaline technology to heat quickly so that hair curls effortlessly, smoothing away frizz and locking in shine for a voluminous, long-lasting style.

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Customer Reviews

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Salvation for my hair

I envy the women with curly hair, I really do. I know that curly-haired women want their hair to be flat and vice versa, but that doesn't make feel any better. Be that as it may, this styler has really helped me in my battle for curly hair. Now I can have it curly every day with hardly any effort! Simply amazing!

Love me some pink

My hair's always been impossible to tame. So many hours wasted, trying to fix it or just make it the way I want. Those were all futile attempts until I found this styling wand. It can get my hair curly or straight in a matter of minutes, so now I'm ready to go wherever WHENEVER, without having to think about my hair! Perfect!


It's PINK! Yes, it's amazing and it makes my hair curly in a matter of minutes, but most importantly, I love, love, love the color! Of course, I didn't buy it just for that, but I love me some crazy pink! All joking aside, it really styles my hair perfectly without damaging it, so I am very satisfied, indeed!!!

kody martinez
My fav!!

I have very straight hair and this is the best wand ever! If you are thinking of purchasing this do it! I promise you will be happy!!


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