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Ceramic Silk Straightener TealCeramic Silk Straightener Teal in its case
Ceramic Silk Straightener LavenderCeramic Silk Straightener Lavender in its case
Ceramic Silk Straightener Peach
Ceramic Silk Straightener coral
Evalectric Master Kit Crazy PinkEvalectric Master Kit Crazy Pink closed case
Evalectric Master Kit Deep Purple closedEvalectric Master Kit Deep Purple in case
Evalectric Master Kit Ocean Blue in closed caseEvalectric Master Kit Ocean Blue
Evalectric Ultra Beauty Purple colorEvalectric Ultra Beauty Purple color closed
Evalectric Ultra Beauty Pink openedEvalectric Ultra Beauty Pink
Evalectric Ultra Beauty Peach colorEvalectric Ultra Beauty Peach color with closed mouth
Evalectric Ultra Beauty Black opened mouthEvalectric Ultra Beauty Black
Titanium Pro PeachTitanium Pro Peach in packaging
Titanium Pro LavenderEva Titanium Pro Purple Box
Titanium Pro CoralTitanium Pro Coral with packaging
Iconix coral straightener