Want Perfect Black Eyebrows? Here are 14 Dos & Don’ts

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We hardly need to tell you that getting perfect black eyebrows is no mean feat! Whether you’re working with over-plucked brows (millennials, we see you!) or your eyebrows are just naturally on the lighter, thinner side, Evalectric has a comprehensive list of dos and don’ts to live by when it comes to perfecting your brow game.

Keep reading and get ready to fall in love with your reflection – perfect black eyebrows are just a scroll away!

The ‘Don’ts’ For Perfect Black Eyebrows

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Before we really get going on all of the things you should be doing to achieve the perfect black brows of your dreams, let’s take a look at all of the things we recommend you avoid! After all, over-plucking may be the most notorious culprit for bad brows, but there are plenty of other no-nos to be aware of. So, to achieve the perfect black brows…

Don’t… Use Too Much Product

As tempting as it might be to slather on the product in pursuit of the perfect black brows, you can trust us from experience – it’s never a good idea! 

Applying layer upon layer of pencils, pomades, and powders will, at best, make your eyebrows way too dark. At worst, it’ll leave them looking drawn on and unnatural – especially at the ends where they should softly blend out. Also, even if you’ve found the exact right shade of black for your brows, applying too much of it will alter the color. Let’s not even get into how difficult all of that product will be to remove. Spoiler alert: the answer is very!

Don’t… Try to Change the Shape of Your Brows With Product

Eyebrow pencil

We’ve all been there, we look in the mirror and wonder:

‘Is this brow shape making the most of my facial features? Should I try a different look?’ 

Firstly, the natural shape of your brows will generally suit your face shape pretty perfectly. That said, if you think it doesn’t or you’d simply prefer a different shape, we say go right ahead!


We’re very glad you asked!

A licensed brow technician is the best person to ask for advice when it comes to switching up your brow shape and color. They can advise which style and shade of black will suit you best. Plus, they can help you achieve the look through gently tweezing, threading, or waxing. Once this is done, you can opt for a brow tint or add product and makeup to your brows to achieve that coveted black brow look.

What you shouldn’t do, however, is attempt to alter the shape of your brows using makeup alone. Firstly, you can’t erase what’s already there with makeup. Therefore, if you try, it’s most likely you’ll be overdrawing your brows or making them look much thicker than they should naturally be.

This is also where you run the risk of over-layering your makeup. This can cause your brows to look, as we mentioned above, drawn on. Not the look we’re going for! 

Don’t… Try to Make Your Brows Perfectly Symmetrical

To get the perfect black eyebrows, you’ll want to be sure the edges of yours don’t look too perfect. By that we mean avoid horizontal lines at the top or bottom. Make sure both ends are looking wispy instead of blocky, and try to make it so your brows aren’t perfectly symmetrical to one another. They’re sisters, not twins!

So, if your brows are a slightly different shape from one another, that’s totally normal. Go with it. Treat each brow as an individual and you’ll be surprised how good they look together by the end!

Don’t… Assume a Black Pencil is the Best Choice

Yes, we know that might sound strange seeing as we’re talking about the dos and don’ts for perfect black eyebrows. However, sometimes, a very dark brown pencil is the better choice. 

Depending on your hair color and skin tone, you may want to reach for a slightly lighter shade than jet black. It’ll still give the impression of those dark, dramatic brows you love so much (usually it’ll look pretty much black too). However, it’ll blend in better with your hair color for a more natural-looking finish!

Don’t… Over Pluck Your Brows

Plucking black eyebrows

Now, we know that this particular ‘don’t’ is one we’ve mentioned time and again. However, given how many people’s brows have been irreversibly altered from over-plucking over the years, we really do think that it bears repeating!

So, no matter the reason, no matter how tempted you are, no matter how much you think you won’t take out too many hairs, we beg you – please don’t keep plucking your eyebrows!

To be clear, we’re not saying you can’t remove the odd hair (by odd we mean one or two stray hairs that have grown below the natural shape of your brows – never pluck out hairs above your brows!). 

However, when it comes to actually shaping your brows, unless you’re a professional yourself, we highly recommend seeking out the skills of a licensed beauty technician or cosmetologist. They are trained to know which brow shapes will suit your face shape, how to follow the natural curve of your brows, and to tidy them up in a natural-looking way that doesn’t leave them looking overly styled or super thin!

The other option? 

Just leave them alone! 

Honestly, since brows are naturally pretty shapely and symmetrical, there’s really no reason to go near your brows with tweezers in the first place.

Of course, we totally understand that you may not be totally happy with the shape/color. If that’s the case, keep on reading to discover more about the best ways to go about it…

The ‘Dos’ For Perfect Black Eyebrows

Now that we know what not to do, we can push on with positive steps to achieving the black eyebrows of your dreams. Yes, it’s time for the dos…

Do… Treat Your Brows With Care

All that over-plucking and scrubbing with makeup remover over the years can make your brows pretty unhappy. So, before you get started on the makeup part, why not give your brows some much-deserved TLC?

Our advice? Make it part of your weekly routine! Treat your hair to a moisturizing session with the Evalectric Hair Mask, treat your skin with a face mask, cover your lips in moisturizing serum, and moisturize your brows with an oil. Trust us, when you come to the makeup part, you’ll be glad you did!

Do… Comb Your Brows First

Combing brows

In case you didn’t know, the first step to achieving the perfect brow look, no matter the color or shape, is to begin by combing your brows. 


There are plenty of reasons!

  1. Combing your brows will separate and volumize the hairs, causing your brows to appear thicker and fuller in seconds
  2. By neatly brushing your brows, you’ll bring out and even enhance their natural shape
  3. If you want to apply a gel (highly recommended!), combing them first means they’ll be ready to set in place
  4. Whichever makeup products you apply afterward will last much longer since you prepped your brows first

Do… Ignore the ‘One Shade Lighter’ Rule

Though we’ve always been told to choose brow makeup products one shade lighter than our hair color for a natural-looking finish, for this trend, we’re gonna go ahead and ignore all of that!

Yes, black eyebrows will look amazing, fierce, and totally natural on those with black hair. However, as the likes of Lily Collins, Cara Delevingne, and Margot Robbie have proved, you can totally rock black eyebrows even when you’re hair is a super-light blonde! 

So, even if your hair is on the lighter side, if you’ve always wanted beautiful black eyebrows but thought they weren’t for you, now you know – they totally are!

Do… Use More Than One Color Product

Yes, we’re looking to achieve gorgeous black brows. However, that doesn’t mean we should only be using black brow products to get there. 


It’s quite simple really!

Think about the most beautiful hair colors in the world. It’s fair to say that few of them look so stunning because they’re a completely one-dimensional color. Usually, we love them for the exact opposite reason. They’re multi-dimensional and therefore full of depth and natural-looking color. 

Now, your brows are just the same! Go in hard with only a jet black pencil and you’re destined to fail. However, go in with a mix of black, dark brown, and in some cases, even light brown makeup products – now you’re onto a winner! 

Do… Start Makeup Application From the Center of Each Brow

Woman creating black eyebrows

As tempting as it is to go ahead and start defining your brows right from where the first hairs start, we generally advise against it! 

Firstly, you’re likely to end up with a very crisp, unnatural-looking line this way. Even though we’re going for dramatic black eyebrows, this just isn’t what we’re after.

Instead, move roughly half a centimeter inwards and begin lightly applying whichever makeup product you’re using from here. Use fine, upward, yet slightly diagonal strokes and gently start to build up the brow as you work towards the outer tip. 

Once that’s done, you can go back and gently fill any major gaps near the start of your brow if needed. 

Do… Fill and Follow Your Natural Arch

One of the worst mistakes you can make in terms of shaping the arch of your eyebrows with makeup is to try and create brow hairs where there aren’t any!

Firstly, over arching your brows is likely to leave you looking permanently surprised. Secondly, it’ll be pretty obvious it’s makeup and not eyebrow hairs creating that overly curved or pointed shape.

You should also avoid overdoing it on the tails of your brows. Too much makeup here can make your brows look a little caricatured.

Now before this turns into one of our don’ts…

Do concentrate on filling in any sparse areas in your brows to make them look fuller and more impactful. And, if you really want to add volume with makeup, try starting your brush/pencil strokes every so slightly (ever, ever so slightly!) beneath your brow. 

Do… Blend in Your Brow Makeup

That drawn-on look we’ve been trying so hard to avoid? This is where we really make sure that doesn’t happen!

The best way to prevent this is to ensure you’re blending out your brow makeup as you go. This way, you’ll avoid any harsh or unnatural-looking brush/pencil strokes. Plus, you can add just a little bit of product at a time. This makes it easier to gradually build up to the right amount for you and the thickness of your brows. 

How should you blend?

Great question!

The answer is; in whatever way works best for you. Some will find it easiest to use a clean dry spoolie to gently brush out excess product. Others prefer a brush or a q-tip for targeting smaller areas with more definition. Us? We say you can never go wrong using your ring finger to blend out your brows! It gives you optimum control, is totally free, and means you can be precise with your blending no matter where you are!

Do… Use an Eyebrow Gel

Woman doing brows

Whether you use it at the start for definition or at the end to set your brows in place, a good eyebrow gel will work wonders for your new and improved black eyebrows!

Firstly, much like combing your brows, a gel will give them heaps of definition and volume. If you use it whilst combing upwards and slightly on a diagonal, you’ll be following the natural curve of your brows whilst enhancing them all the while! 

Better than that, a brow gel can make sure your brow game stays strong all day, just like a great hairspray does for your hair – we’re looking at you Evalectric Extreme Hold Hair Spray! So, brow gel is perfect for every day, but also super handy for special occasions like a wedding where you’ll be getting photographed all day long!

Do… Use Concealer to Highlight Your Brow Bone

Whether you dab a little onto an angled brush for precision or use your finger for quick application, in our book, finishing off black eyebrows with a swipe of concealer on the brow bone is the essential finishing touch! 

Not only will it brighten up your eyes and draw attention to them, but it’ll also make your brows look naturally neater and more defined.

So, simply reach for whichever concealer you’d usually use for dark circles and blemishes. Then, blend just a little into the highest part of your brow bone for event-worthy brows in moments!


And there you have it, our top dos and our top don’ts to perfect your brow game for years to come. Now, go ahead with your newly learned skills and knowledge and create the most breathtaking black eyebrows the world has ever seen!

If you’d like your hairstyle to look as show-stopping as your brows, treat yourself to some of Evalectric’s bestsellers today!

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