11 Must-Try Hairstyles for Fall (+ How to Create Them!)

Woman with curly hair

We’re not sure where the rest of the year went, but we’re more than happy to welcome back pumpkin spiced lattes, crunchy leaves, and cozy sweaters. Yes, fall is here and we’re all too excited to try out some new gorgeous hairstyles for the season ahead. From chic updos to laid-back curls and everything in between, this season has some of the prettiest autumnal-inspired hair looks we’ve ever laid eyes on.

So, without further ado, let Evalectric show you all the must-have hairstyles for fall 2021. And yes, we’ll talk you through how you can create each one too!

Loose Curls with a Decorative Barrette 

Woman wearing trendy barette hairstyles for fall

Nothing says nonchalant glamour like loose curls and a pretty barrette or hair slide. Perfect for everything from Sunday brunch to parties or even a great wedding guest look. What’s even more appealing about this hairstyle is it’s so easy to create!

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How to Create the Look:

  • Start with clean, dry, tangle-free hair in a center parting
  • Next, take your 25-18 curling wand and use it to curl small sections of hair, roughly 1.5-2 inches wide
  • Curl all the way down but stop just shy of the ends, so your curls appear loose and therefore laid-back
  • Once all the hair is curled, take an embellished barrette and slide it into your hair just above your ear. If you want to, you can even put one on the other side for a more modern take on this look

Straight Hair & Thick Bangs

Woman with bangs

We get it. Bangs are a pretty big commitment. But, and hear us out here, if you feel you have the time to maintain them and style them each morning, they look so chic. We say it’s totally worth it!

What’s more, if you’re going the full fringe route, we can think of few more stunning hairstyles for fall than super straight and sleek locks and statement bangs. It works perfectly whether your hair is cut into a super cute bob, you’re working with long and luscious lengths or anything in between! Simply reach for your Evalectric straightener of choice, and let’s get to styling!

How to Create the Look:

  • To begin, blow dry all of your hair straight down, but use a large barrel brush when you come to dry and shape your bangs
  • Next, use your classic styler (we personally adore the French lace edition!) to neaten up your bangs on a low setting
  • Finally, separate the hair into sections from bottom to top and straighten out your lengths for a sleek and glossy finish!

A Long, Sleek High Ponytail 

Woman with high ponytail

Now, this is not just any ponytail, this is a super long, super sleek, super straight ponytail that’s absolutely perfect for fall! 

Why is it so great you ask?

Let us explain.

Since fall weather comes with its challenges in terms of humidity, rain, wind, and a pretty big drop in temperature, keeping your hairstyles for fall away from your face is as ideal for workdays as it is for workouts. If your hair is naturally poker straight, this will be a seriously quick and easy style for you to create. If not, don’t fret. We have the heat tools to help you achieve that soft, glossy look for a dreamy high ponytail!

How to Create the Look:

  • Begin by straightening all of your hair with your Ultra Turbo Styler to guarantee a smooth finish
  • Once all of your hair looks sleek and shiny, flip your head over and brush all of your hair neatly to the desired height
  • Flip your hair back over in place and secure with a clear elastic. Then, sleek back any flyaways with a spritz of our Hair Styling Spray

Faux Braids with Straight Ends 

Woman with braids

When it comes to pretty hairstyles for fall, who has the time to create real braids?! If you’re super busy but wish you could rock something like the double French/Dutch braid look, this one’s for you. You need very few technical hairstyling skills for this pretty fall look, just make sure the ends of your hair are left loose and straight for a sleek finish.

How to Create the Look:

  • Let your hair air dry to create a natural-looking base for this style
  • When dry, create a neat center parting all the way back, so you have two even sections of hair
  • On side one, start at the hairline and divide that section into two
  • Twist each section over the other in a diagonal line until you reach behind the top of your ear
  • Secure in place with a clear elastic, then create a small gap and flip the rest of the hair through so you create a loop
  • Do the same a few inches down and repeat until you reach your shoulders
  • Finally, use your Mini Classic Styler to straighten the remaining lengths then repeat on side two!

Tight Curls with a Half-Up Twist 

Woman with twisted hair

This has to be one of the sweetest hairstyles for fall on our list. It’s as perfect for workdays and weekend plans as it is for more formal events such as weddings and dinner parties. Once you know how to style your hair in this gorgeous twisted way, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

How to Create the Look:

  • Start by curling all of your hair with our Skinny Curl Wand 9/18. It’s perfect for tight curls with plenty of volumes
  • Once that’s done, take two equal sections from the front of your hair (roughly 2-3 inches wide) and twist them back
  • Secure in place with a decorative hair clip for special occasions, or a simple hair elastic for casual days.
  • You can also pull a few pieces lose at the front to frame your face.

A Ponytail with Chic Curtain Bangs 

Woman with ponytail

What could make your ponytail (and all other hairstyles for fall) look instantly chicer and like you’ve really made an effort? Curtain bangs, of course!

Whether you’re growing out full bangs in style or you’ve just had your curtain bangs cut in, we guarantee this will become one of your favorite hairstyles to wear throughout the week. Something else great about it, you can wear your hair super high for a playful look, or take it low for something chicer and more elegant.

How to Create the Look:

  • To create a smooth finish, we recommend first straightening your hair with the flat iron of your choice
  • Then, with your bangs left loose, brush the rest of your hair back into a neat ponytail, either at the center of your head or the nape of your neck
  • Secure the pony in place and that’s really all there is to it!

Straight Hair with a Flipped Side Part 

Woman with long hair

Don’t get us wrong, we adore sleek, straight, center-parted hairstyles for fall. But, we have to admit, this relaxed straight look with a playfully flipped-over side parting is giving us the fall weekend vibes we need. We must re-create it immediately!

Feel the same?

Read on and discover how to easily create this versatile hairstyle!

How to Create the Look:

  • Since we’re not going for the neatest, poker-straight hair here, simply run your flat iron over your lengths for a little definition (we recommend the Ceramic Silk Straightener in Pink Cheetah!)
  • Once that’s done, flip your hair over to one side with your fingers to create an effortlessly cool side parting
  • Finally, run a little Hair Serum through the ends for a non-greasy, yet glossy looking finish

Beautiful Barrel Curls 

Woman with curls

Nothing says ‘I made an effort’ quite like beautiful barrel curls! And, now that fall is here and there are plenty of holiday celebrations on the horizon, we’ll be needing glamorous hairstyles for fall like this in our styling repertoire. That’s not to say that you can’t rock this look simply for workdays, running errands, and plans with friends, because you totally can! We highly recommend throwing on a long-line coat and a chic beret to compliment your new fall hairstyle too.

How to Create the Look:

  • Section out your clean, dry hair, then reach for your Venti Curler 25/32mm
  • Curl all of your hair in 1-2 inch sections. This curler will create beautiful big curls that will last all day and night!
  • Finish off your look with our extra strong Hair Styling Spray to keep your curls in for even longer

A Ballerina Bun 

Woman with ballerina bun

Few hairstyles for fall hold such a high ranking in our list of go-to looks like the ballet bun. Wear it casually, wear it formally, wear it to the office, even wear it to bed! We love everything about this neat and tidy hairstyle that keeps your hair out of your face and will literally suit any occasion. We’re just as likely to style our hair like this for gym days as we are heading into the office, because yes, it really is that versatile.

How to Create the Look:

  • There’s no need to be precise with this versatile hairstyle. Let your hair air dry then use your fingertips to pull all of your hair back into a bun at the back of your head (use a brush or comb for a neater look)
  • Once you have it there, simply twist your hair until you can wrap it around itself. Secure it in place with pins, a hair elastic, or even a scrunchie for a look that’s a little more laid back

Half Up Half Down Bun 

Woman with braids

Want to wear your hair down but it’s just not working?

We have the solution!

On days where you can’t get the shape right or your curtain bangs just won’t behave, opt for the half-up-half-down bun. It’s not only incredibly pretty, it’s practical too since it looks stylish and and ‘done’, but the section of hair left down will keep you warm in cooler temperatures. If all of that wasn’t enough to have you sold on the style, you should also note it takes mere minutes to create. It will be a lifesaver on any bad hair days going forward! In our opinion, this is an absolute must for fall.

How to Create the Look:

  • Start with clean, dry hair, even if it’s not behaving!
  • Then, take the top section, starting roughly just above your ears working in an upward diagonal line toward the top of your head
  • Twist all of this section up and around until it forms a bun shape that you can secure in place
  • Leave it like this, or pull a few pieces free at the front to frame your face and draw attention to your eyes!

Chic French Crop with Side Swept Bangs

Woman with a bob

Are you a lover of chic, low-maintenance hairstyles for fall (aren’t we all)?

Let us present, the French cropped bob with side-swept bangs!

Whether you’ve been thinking about taking your long length short for some time or you simply want to upgrade your already short locks for something with a little more shape and style, this elegant crop couldn’t be more perfect. But how to get those perfectly laid-back, Parisian-style waves and a side-swept fringe with just the right amount of volume? Let us talk you through it…

How to Create the Look:

  • Once your hair is cut into this stunning style and you’re just out of the shower, start by roughly blow-drying your lengths
  • Letting it air-dry from here may be enough if your hair is on the wavier side. If not, let it dry anyway to create a little more texture
  • Meanwhile, make sure to coax your bangs to the side either with a comb or your fingers
  • Finally, go in with your Mini Classic Styler and create a few loose curls in random places to keep your hairstyle casual and cool
  • Do the same for your bangs and you’re all set!


Feeling inspired? With all of these hairstyles to try out, you’ll definitely be busy this fall season. If you’re looking to upgrade your hairstyling arsenal with a few new products, check out the Evalectric range here.

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