From Frizz to Fab: Mastering the Art of Smooth Hair

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Ever wish that you could swap your frizzy locks for effortlessly sleek tresses?

With the right know-how, turning that frizzy mane into smooth hair that you’d be proud to flaunt is easy. Read on as Evalectric explains how to master the art of lustrously smooth hair.

Know How Often to Shampoo Your Locks

Moisturizing Shampoo

People often fall into a routine of washing their hair a certain number of times per week. Once this habit has been developed, it continues on for years, even if their hair doesn’t actually need to be washed quite so often.

Why does this matter? Because each time you wash your hair, you’re removing its natural oils. Those oils perform a few different roles, with one being to condition your locks to give you soft and smooth hair. Each time you wash them away, your scalp needs time to produce more before distributing this down your hair shaft, so that each strand receives the oil that it needs. 

Wash your hair too often and you’ll be interrupting this process. By depriving your mane of that natural oil, you’ll be leaving it prone to dryness, damage, and frizz.

So, how often should you be washing your hair?

That depends on your hair type. If your hair is straight, fine, and prone to greasiness, you may need to wash it every one to two days. However, if your hair is curly, dry, or showing signs of damage, leave it longer between washes. Whether this may be two, three, four, or even five days, only wash your hair if it actually feels like it needs to be washed.

When it’s time for a wash, pick a moisturizing shampoo that won’t completely strip your strands dry, just like the Evalectric Moisturizing Shampoo. Infused with plant proteins and argan oil, it will leave your hair feeling silky soft.

Restore Moisture With a Conditioner

Moisturizing Conditioner

If you want smooth hair, then conditioning your tresses after they have been washed is vital. This will add moisture back into your hair, leaving it feeling sleeker while also adding shine. A conditioner will also leave your hair feeling better protected against environmental damage while also keeping the appearance of split ends at bay.

While that may be the case, choosing the right conditioner is crucial. Ideally, you want a formula that’s filled with proteins, antioxidants, and plant oils, which is exactly what the Evalectric Moisturizing Conditioner offers.

When applying your conditioner, keep it focused on the ends of your hair. This is the area that’s most prone to dryness and damage since the sebum produced by the scalp can take a while to reach the tips of your locks. Slathering your scalp with a conditioner will only leave your hair looking limp and greasy while also leaving you more susceptible to scalp problems that’ll interfere with your quest for smooth hair.

Be Gentle When Detangling

If frizz is a common occurrence for you, then this likely means that your hair also often ends up tangled. Both are prevalent in dry and damaged hair because of how damaged hair cuticles don’t lie flat. This means that your strands are more likely to snag against each other, resulting in knots.

It goes without saying that hair needs to be tangle-free in order to be truly smooth. However, de-tangling in the wrong way can result in breakages that leave the hair looking rough and unhealthy.

So, how should you be detangling your locks?

Ideally, gently comb through your hair while it’s damp. Don’t use a brush as wet hair is more susceptible to breakages and a brush will only exacerbate that. Start with the ends of your hair and slowly work your way up to any higher tangles. This will save you from tugging at your roots with every stroke, which will only cause your strands to snap.

Use a Heat Protectant Before Heat Styling

Hair Serum

When it comes down to it, excessive heat can be pretty detrimental to your hair. This is why many people dealing with hair damage often choose to forgo heat styling for a while.

However, heat styling can sometimes be unavoidable. When this is the case, it’s important to give your hair some extra protection before subjecting it to high temperatures. Failing to do so will only leave your strands burnt and damaged, which will cause them to look even frizzier.

Fortunately, heat protectants are readily available in a variety of forms. Some prefer to use sprays while others opt for creams. If you don’t have a dedicated heat protectant product to hand, a hair serum would be a good alternative. Apply this to your strands while they’re damp and then give them time to fully dry before you begin heat styling. 

Adjust Your Blow Drying Technique

Pro Beauty Dryer

Although blow drying is technically a form of heat styling, it’s one that can be quite beneficial for your hair. Research shows that it can actually be better for your locks than allowing them to dry naturally, but this only applies if you’re following the right blow drying technique. Get this wrong and you’ll only end up making your frizz worse while causing more damage to your tresses.

If you want to blow dry your way to smooth hair, start by making sure that the blow dryer you’re using is fitted with a concentrator. This directs the flow of heat, giving you more control rather than allowing the heat to rough up your hair cuticles. Evalectric’s Pro Beauty Dryer comes with two concentrator attachments, giving you even more flexibility when drying your mane.

Once you start drying, keep your blow dryer pointed downward. This will encourage your hair cuticles to close, giving you a smoother finish. At the same time, make sure that you’re holding your blow dryer about 15cm away from your hair while constantly moving it around. Holding it in one place for too long or holding it too close to your hair will only end up burning your strands.

Use a Flat Iron to Smooth Away the Look of Frizz

Ceramic Silk Pink

What should you do if you wake up in the morning and you’re sporting a halo of frizz around your hair? 

That’s where a flat iron can save the day. By straightening your frizzy strands, you’ll be able to encourage them to lie flat. This will give your hair a smoother and sleeker appearance.

Of course, as mentioned earlier, heat styling can damage your hair and make frizz worse, so choose a flat iron that isn’t going to cause much harm. The Evalectric Baby Pink Classic Styler 1.25”, for example, comes with ceramic plates, negative ion technology, and far infrared technology. Together, they’ll work to minimize the appearance of damage while you style your locks, giving you hair that looks beautifully smooth and straight.

Microfiber Towels For the Win

For many people, towel drying their hair involves vigorously rubbing a towel over their strands, but this could actually be the reason behind the frizz that you’re experiencing. It roughs up your hair cuticles, preventing them from lying flat and contributing to frizz.

What should you do instead?

To start with, swap your regular towel for a microfiber towel. Not only is microfiber much gentler, but it’s also fantastic at absorbing moisture. It will dry your hair in a much shorter amount of time, saving you precious minutes while also keeping damage and frizz at bay.

In terms of your drying technique, use your towel to gently squeeze out and blot up excess moisture. This method may take a little longer than quickly scrubbing your strands with an abrasive towel, but the speed at which a microfiber towel soaks up moisture should keep your overall drying time the same as it used to be.

Invest in Silk Pillowcases

If your hair tends to be at its frizziest when you wake up in the mornings, then one way to encourage silky smooth hair is to swap your regular cotton pillowcases for silk or satin versions. 

How will this help?

For starters, it will cut back on the amount of friction that’s created whenever your hair rubs against your pillow. This will immediately reduce the appearance of frizz while making your hair feel softer to the touch.

Silk and satin also won’t absorb the sebum from your hair in the same way that other fabrics do. This will prevent your hair from drying out while you sleep, once again contributing to sleek strands come morning.

Try a Hot Oil Treatment

If your hair could do with some TLC, a DIY hot oil treatment could be just what it needs. This not only helps to hydrate and moisturize the hair, but also provides it with vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids, all of which will leave your hair feeling much smoother.

What exactly does a hot oil treatment involve?

Simply pick a hair-friendly oil, such as olive, coconut, or sweet almond. You’ll only need a couple of tablespoons of it. Then, apply this to your scalp and gently but firmly massage it in. 

Once you’re done, wrap your hair up in a warm towel. This helps to encourage the oil that you’ve applied to penetrate into your scalp and your strands, providing maximum benefits. 

Enjoy the heat from your towel for about 20 minutes before rinsing the oil out. You can then shampoo and condition your hair as normal!

Eat Foods Containing Fatty Acids

A healthy and balanced diet is always the way to go if you want to ensure that your strands are receiving all of the nutrients that they need.

With that said, certain nutrients are known for being particularly beneficial to hair health, with fatty acids being one. They form the foundations of the structure of the hair while also being responsible for repairing the look of damage, improving the feel of elasticity, and giving hair its natural shine.

Oily fish, such as salmon and mackerel, are great natural sources of fatty acids, as are nuts, seeds, and plant oils. Add more of these foods to your diet and your hair will thank you!

Achieve Silky Smooth Hair With Evalectric

It can take a while to master the art of smooth hair but, once you do, you’ll never look back. Gone will be the days of unmanageable frizz, replaced by sleek and glossy strands that you can truly be proud of!

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