Tips for Taming Frizzy Hair

frizzy hair

Frizzy hair can be a nightmare to deal with, quickly turning a sleek, chic ‘do into a fluffy, unruly mess. What makes things even trickier is that there isn’t a single, fail-proof solution for dealing with all of that frizz – different methods will work for different people.

So, if you want to tame your frizzy hair once and for all, it’s worth experimenting with a few different techniques to find which works best for you. Keep reading as Evalectric shares some of the best tips to try out!

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

In order to properly smooth away the look of frizz, it helps to understand exactly what has caused your hair to frizz up in the first place.

For some people, it’s genetic. If frizzy hair runs in your family, then chances are that your hair will be prone to frizz too.

For others, it’s down to damage and dryness. Whether due to harmful styling habits, poor grooming, sun exposure, or anything else, any form of damage will wear down the hair cuticles, which form the outer layer of each strand. This exposes the inner layer, resulting in dryness. In order to counter this, the hair naturally rises to try to absorb moisture from the air around you, resulting in frizz.

How to Tame Frizzy Hair

No matter the cause of your frizzy hair, chances are that you want to get your locks under control ASAP. Here are a few effective tips to set you on the right track:

Choose a Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

shampoo conditioner

As mentioned, frizz is often a result of dryness. So, the best way to tame it is to hydrate your hair as much as possible. If your hair contains enough moisture, then it won’t react to moisture in the environment in quite the same way. Rather than frizzing up, it will remain smooth, retaining its style.

This means that all of the products in your hair care routine should be extremely hydrating, starting with your shampoo and conditioner. These are products that are used on a regular basis, so seek out formulas that will add moisture back into your strands.

Our top choices would be the Moisturizing Shampoo and the Moisturizing Conditioner from Evalectric. Both products have been infused with argan oil. This is an ingredient that not only deeply hydrates the hair, but has also been proven to help keep strands feeling protected from environmental damage. This makes it a fantastic ingredient to use if you’re trying to tame frizzy hair.

Turn Down the Temperature When Washing Your Hair

If you usually use hot water to wash your hair, then this could be contributing to your frizziness. 

How? Because hot water strips your strands of their natural oils, causing dryness and frizz. It also causes the hair to become more porous, which, again, leads to frizz.

So, while a steamy shower may feel soothing at the end of a long day, turn the temperature down for the sake of your locks. This doesn’t mean that you have to shiver under frigid water – just going from hot to warm will make a huge difference, especially when you’re shampooing your hair. 

If you’re feeling brave, then blast your hair with cold water while you’re rinsing your conditioner out. This can help to seal the hair cuticles, which will lock in moisture and keep your strands feeling better hydrated.

Apply a Hair Mask Once a Week

hair mask

If your hair is damaged or dry, then focusing on repairing the look of your locks will go a long way in getting your frizzy hair under control. One way to do this is by adding a hair mask to your hair care routine.

When it comes to moisturizing the hair and saturating it with ingredients that strengthen the feel of each strand, hair masks are the way to go. Their intensity makes them perfect for quickly transforming the look of the hair, and their high concentration of potent ingredients will provide long-term benefits too.

Of course, not all hair masks are created equally, so look for a product that’s actually capable of doing all of the above. Evalectric’s Hair Mask is a great example. With argan oil as one of the main ingredients, this hair mask will quickly moisturize your strands while repairing the look of damage. Glycerin and panthenol are also included for their powerful moisture-binding properties. They’ll help to soften and smooth the look of your locks, enabling you to tame that dreaded frizz.

Apply a Serum While Your Hair is Damp

hair serum

If you’ve already tried a variety of frizz-fighting products only to be disappointed by the lack of results, this could be down to how you’re using them. Many people try to apply them to dry hair, but the secret to success lies in smoothing them over your damp strands.

Why? Because not only will damp hair be more receptive to the ingredients in the products that you’re using, but you’ll also be able to tackle the look of frizz before it even begins. Once your hair begins to dry, it will start to absorb moisture from the environment around you, especially if you’re still standing in your steamy bathroom. 

Try applying a hair serum to your locks while they’re still damp – chances are that your hair will soon be looking frizz-free! One product that works particularly well for this is the Evalectric Hair Serum. Packed with vitamin E and aloe vera leaf extract, it will leave your hair looking deeply hydrated and super smooth.

Adjust Your Blow Drying Habits

hair dryer

If you regularly blow dry your hair, it’s important to ensure that you’re doing this in the correct way. There are a number of potential mistakes that you could be making with your hairdryer that could be causing your frizz.

The first is blow-drying your hair while it’s dripping wet. At this stage, it’s still very fragile, making it more susceptible to damage. You’ll also need to spend longer blasting it with your hair dryer, which will quickly dry it out. And, as you know, both damage and dryness result in frizzy hair. So, leave your hair to air dry for a while before reaching for your hair dryer.

Once you do, make sure that your hair dryer’s diffuser is firmly attached. If your hair dryer doesn’t have one, it’s time to upgrade to a better model, such as Evalectric’s Pro Beauty Dryer. A diffuser helps to focus the air flow emitted from your dryer. Point it downwards as you dry and you’ll enjoy a beautifully sleek finish. 

Make sure that you’re not holding your hair dryer too close to your hair while you work. Touching your hair with it is a big no-no. Instead, make sure that it’s at least one inch away from your strands. Don’t hold it over one area of your hair for too long either – keep it moving. 

Go Gentle When Towel Drying

towel dry

As we mentioned above, wet hair is weak and fragile. Your hair is much more likely to break when it’s wet compared to when it’s dry. This means that you need to be extremely gentle with your strands while they’re wet, especially when you’re towel-drying them.

It can be tempting to scrub at the hair with a towel when drying it. After all, this often seems to speed up the drying process. However, this will only cause friction and breakages, leaving your hair looking frizzy. So, be as gentle as possible by patting your hair rather than rubbing it.

The material that your towel is made from will influence the look of your hair too. Cotton is known for being a little too harsh when rubbed against wet strands. Instead, experts recommend using microfiber towels. These feel so much softer and plusher, which your hair will love. They’re also great for absorbing moisture. This means that your hair will dry so much faster, without looking frizzy.

Sleep on Silk Pillowcases

silk pillowcase

Of course, your towel isn’t the only fabric that gets rubbed against your hair. Your hair also gets dragged around a pillowcase each night while you snooze. Most pillowcases are made from cotton, which isn’t as soft a material as some people think. It leads to friction being created when hair rubs against it, resulting in a head full of frizz and tangles upon waking. 

A much better option would be silk. Your hair will easily glide over it as you move about in bed at night, which will leave it looking so much healthier come morning. 

Book Yourself in for Regular Trims

hair trim

Did you know that split ends can contribute to frizzy hair? Sure, split ends may begin at the ends of your hair, but they soon travel up the hair shaft. This weakens the hair and makes it much more susceptible to frizz.

While a good hair care routine will help you to keep the appearance of split ends at bay, the only way to fully banish them is with a good trim. Ideally, you should be going for a trim every 6-8 weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows. This will help to refresh your locks while preventing frizz.

If you’re up for a change, then ask your hairstylist to cut your locks into a blunt style, rather than layers. This will help to keep your hair weighed down a little more, therefore reducing flyaways and frizz.

Stop Touching Your Hair

We know, we know – it’s oh-so-tempting to keep touching your hair when it’s looking frizzy. It’s only natural to want to smooth down those frizzy strands and, sometimes, your hands will be the only tool that you have available.

However, it’s important to resist the urge to run your fingers over your locks. The more you touch your hair, the more friction there’ll be, meaning that you’ll be much more likely to experience frizz. Instead, try incorporating some hair accessories into your hairstyle to remind you to keep your hands away!


Although frizzy hair can be a tough problem to tackle, our top tips will have you taming your locks in no time. From using the right hair care products to learning how to be gentler with your strands, follow the steps above and your strands will soon look smoother and sleeker than ever!

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