How to Combat Frizz For Good: Tips and Tricks

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Tired of seeing a halo of frizz around your hair no matter how impeccably you may have styled it?

Evalectric can help! Read on as we share some top tips and tricky for combatting the appearance of frizz for good. You’ll have a sleeker mane in no time!

Invest in Hydrating Hair Care Products


If you have frizzy hair, then this means that your hair is dehydrated. How do we know this? Because when strands are lacking in hydration from within, they reach outward in an attempt to grab onto some of the water molecules in the air around them. This is what causes that frizz in the first place.

So, if you want to combat the look of frizz, you’ll need to give it the moisture that it craves through your hair care products. The good news is that this is relatively easy – there are certain ingredients out there that are renowned for their hydrating capabilities, with argan oil being one. It’s loaded with vitamin E and essential fatty acids that not only hydrate but also moisturize the hair. 

To add argan oil to your hair care routine, check out Evalectric’s Moisturizing Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner. Both formulas are infused with argan oil, making them this the perfect duo to give your skin a hydration boost.

Stop Using Hot Water on Your Hair

For many people, a hot shower is not only a way to cleanse, but it’s also a relaxing ritual. There’s no denying how soothing it can feel!

However, if you want to say goodbye for good to the appearance of frizz, you’ll need to change your habits and start turning the temperature down. Why? Because when hot water hits your hair, it lifts your hair cuticles and dissolves the lipids within. Those lipids, which are your hair’s natural oils, keep your strands sealed, preventing them from frizzing up. Strip them away and frizz will become a big problem.

How hot is too hot?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to go for a frigidly low temperature. Instead, find the perfect middle ground – lukewarm to warm. However, once you’re done conditioning your hair, try finishing your shower with a blast of cold water. Although there aren’t any studies to back this up, many claim that it helps to prevent the look of frizz and give the hair a glossier finish.

Dry Your Hair the Right Way

Pro Beauty Dryer

Heat can quickly damage your hair, especially if your strands are already showing signs of frizz and damage. This means limiting your use of heated styling tools as much as possible, including your hair dryer. 

However, there will often be days when you don’t have the time to leave your hair to air dry. When this happens, it’s important to understand how to dry your hair correctly to make sure that you aren’t encouraging all of that frizz.

It all begins with your choice of towel. Microfiber is made from extremely fine polymer strands that make it much more absorbable than other materials. Gently squeezing your hair with a microfiber towel will help it to dry faster while also reducing friction, saving you from frizz.

Once your hair is about 80-90% dry, reach for your blow dryer and finish things off. Go with a powerful model that will get the job done quickly, like the Evalectric Pro Beauty Dryer. This way, your hair won’t be subjected to the heat for too long.

Be Very Careful When Heat Styling

Hair Serum

As we mentioned above, heated styling tools should be used as little as possible if excessive frizz is an issue for you. However, on those days when turning to your flat iron or curling wand is a must, there are a couple of tips to keep in mind to ensure that you don’t make your frizz worse…

The first is to use a heat protectant. These products form a barrier between your hair and your heated styling tool. The heat hits that barrier, rather than your hair, first, which prevents a lot of visible damage. Since a heat protectant involves applying another hair care product to your locks, take this opportunity to go with a hydrating formula, like the Evalectric Hair Serum. This way, in addition to keeping your strands safe from the appearance of heat damage and the subsequent frizz, you’ll also be providing moisture to hopefully stop your hair from frizzing up later on!

Your choice of heated styling tools is important too. Ideally, use one that offers a variable temperature. This way, you can turn the heat down, styling your locks at a lower temperature instead. At Evalectric, several of our styling tools offer an adjustable temperature dial, including the Crazy Pink Classic Styler and the Straight Brush Styler.

Use a Mixed-Bristle Hairbrush

Did you know that the hairbrush you use can affect how frizzy your hair looks?

It all comes down to bristles. Plastic bristles are notorious for generating static electricity. This isn’t quite the same thing as frizz but it will have the same effect on the look of your hair. 

Instead, mixed bristles are the way to go. Boar bristles are great because of their porosity. They’ll soak up your hair’s natural oils and distribute them as you brush, making them great for conditioning the hair. However, their grip can be lacking, which is why they’re best combined with synthetic bristles, such as nylon. The nylon will provide the detangling power, keeping your hair smooth and knot-free. This is something else that will help your hair to look less frizzy!

Deep Condition Weekly

If you’re already battling frizzy strands, then this means that your hair will have already undergone some sort of damage. While your shampoo and conditioner will be enough for maintaining healthy hair, damaged locks need some extra help.

This is where deep conditioning products come in handy. Designed to be used once a week, they provide even more intensity than a regular conditioner. 

The best part is that they’re available in so many forms. From hair masks that you rinse out after 10 minutes to leave-in creams that keep your strands feeling super-conditioned for days, find a deep conditioner that works for you and you’ll soon gain some control over your frizz.

Sleep on Silk

Earlier, we talked about how reducing friction can help to reduce frizz. However, it’s not just your towel that causes friction in your hair – your pillowcase does the same.

Each night, when your head moves around on your pillow, your strands rub against your pillowcase. This is often with quite a bit of pressure. This roughs up your hair cuticles, not only causing instant frizz but also exacerbating dehydration, making frizz worse in the long run too.

How can you avoid this? By making sure that your pillowcases are made from a material that won’t create friction when your strands rub against it. Silk and satin are two popular examples. With either one of those as your pillowcase, your hair will glide over the material so easily. Silk and satin also won’t suck away moisture from your hair in the way that some other materials, such as cotton, will, making this a great tip for helping with hydration too.

Don’t Over-Wash Your Hair

You already know how washing your hair with hot water can cause frizz, but did you know that washing your hair too often can have the same effect?

Again, it all comes down to your hair’s natural oils. These go a long way in naturally preventing frizz. Each time you wash your hair, you’ll remove some of those oils. If that oil has built up on your strands and has left them feeling greasy, then this is, of course, a good thing. However, if this hasn’t happened yet but you wash your hair anyway, you’ll leave your hair lacking in oil, making frizz more prevalent. 

How often should you wash your hair?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a set answer to that question. If your hair is naturally oily, you may need to wash it every couple of days. However, if your hair is frizzy, then this means that it’s probably dry rather than oily. In this case, try to stretch your hair-washing sessions out as much as possible.

Have Your Locks Cut in a Way That Embraces Frizz

Some haircuts can be particularly unkind to frizz, showcasing those fluffy strands in an unflattering way. However, others embrace the frizz, allowing it to give the hairstyle more personality.

It goes without saying that the latter is what you want. After all, it only makes sense to work with your hair rather than against it.

So, what sort of hairstyle should you opt for if your is commonly frizzy?

Beachy waves are always a good look. Long and blunt, instead of short and layered, will help to add weight to your hair, pulling it down and preventing it from frizzing up.

Whichever haircut you go for, regular trims will also help to keep frizz at bay. Split ends are naturally frizzy and fluffy in appearance, so make sure that they’re being snipped away every couple of months.

In the Meantime…Brush Those Flyaways Down

With our tips, you’ll have no problem improving the condition of your hair and combatting the look of frizz for good. However, this takes time – it isn’t going to happen overnight.

In the meantime, when you notice your hair frizzing up, reach for a hair serum or a hairspray and spritz this onto a hairbrush or comb. Then, gently comb or brush those flyaway strands down. The product that you’ve applied to your brush will help to lock them in place, preventing them from bouncing back up again.

Fighting the Appearance of Frizz With Evalectric

The fight against frizz can be a difficult battle to win. However, with the right products, techniques, and tips on your side, you’ll be able to achieve a smoother, sleeker, and frizz-free finish in no time!

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