What to Look For When Shopping For Hair Masks

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With hair masks able to significantly boost the look and feel of a person’s hair, it’s no surprise that they’ve been growing in popularity. Once people use a good hair mask, they’re usually hooked. After all, who would say no to hair that looks thicker, softer, and glossier, while feeling so much more manageable?

However, finding the right hair mask isn’t quite so easy. With demand on the rise, there are now more hair masks out there than ever. Each one promises a wide array of benefits, but only a few of them truly deliver.

So, what exactly should you be looking for when shopping for hair masks? How do you find a formula that will give your hair what it needs? Read on – Evalectric is about to tell you!

What Exactly is a Hair Mask and Why Do You Need One?

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If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you actually need a hair mask in the first place, let’s quickly run over some of the basics to help you make up your mind.

A hair mask is essentially an intensified conditioner. It will contain a high concentration of powerful ingredients, just like face masks for the skin. Since hair masks are so intense, they’re designed to remain on the hair for a limited amount of time. This will vary depending on the mask that you choose.

When it comes down to it, just about everyone would benefit from a hair mask. From pollution to UV rays to harsh shampoos, daily life now throws so much damage at the hair. As a result, people are experiencing the appearance of hair damage at a much earlier age. This is why so many are now turning to hair masks as a way to help restore their hair’s former glory.

If you’ve been noticing any visible signs of damage when it comes to your hair, then the right hair mask could work wonders. Whether this may be frizz, dryness, hair loss, split ends, premature graying, or anything else, these are all signs that your hair is desperate for a little help, and a hair mask could be exactly what you need to leave your hair feeling so much better.

How to Choose a Hair Mask

Convinced that you need a hair mask in your life? Here’s how to go about choosing the very best one:

Look For Ingredients That Repair the Look of Damage

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Research shows that one of the biggest factors convincing people to give hair masks a try is the appearance of hair damage. If you can relate, then look for hair masks containing ingredients that have been proven to reduce the look of damage in the hair.

One such ingredient is argan oil. Studies have found argan oil to be highly effective at preventing the appearance of oxidative damage in the hair. This not only applies to daily damage but also to the damage caused by the use of hair dyes. If you want to keep your hair feeling protected, then a hair mask containing argan oil is the way to do exactly that.

That’s why argan oil is the star ingredient in the Evalectric Hair Mask. It enables the mask to repair the look of damage while also helping to hydrate the hair, leaving it looking thick and glossy. 

Other plant oils can work wonders in hair masks too. From avocado to jojoba to olive, every plant oil out there is brimming with hair-loving antioxidants that can help to restore and revive the look of damaged hair.

Look For Vitamins

Use hair masks that contain plant oils and you’ll already be pampering your skin with a few different vitamins. However, some vitamins are more beneficial for the hair than others, and it can really help to have a hair mask that has been infused with an extra dose of certain vitamins.

Which vitamins should you be looking out for?

Vitamin B5, also known as panthenol, is one. You’ll find it in Evalectric’s Hair Mask because of how it’s such a superstar at ensuring that each and every hair cuticle feels sealed off. As a result, this gives the hair a much smoother and less frizzy finish. It also helps to reduce the look of split ends and fraying, both of which are common in damaged locks. Even better, panthenol acts as a humectant too, meaning that it will leave your strands feeling deeply hydrated.

Vitamins D and E are also good vitamins to look for, but neither can compete with the benefits that the B vitamins can offer to the hair.

Look For a Hair Mask That Has Been Designed For Weekly Use

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Some hair masks are designed to be used monthly, whereas others, like Evalectric’s Hair Mask, are formulated for weekly use. 

Which is better?

Well, this all depends on the purpose of your hair mask. If you already have near-perfect hair and are looking for an indulgent treat once in a while, then monthly masks will suffice. However, if you’re trying to reduce the appearance of damage, frizz, or any other visible hair concerns, then you’d be better off with a weekly mask. Leave your hair for a month in between masking sessions and a significant amount of damage will have built up by then, making it difficult for any mask to noticeably help.

Look For Hair Masks That Are Suitable For Your Hair Type

Chances are that when shopping for skincare, you seek out products designed for your skin type. Well, the same needs to apply to your search for hair masks too.

To be fair, a large percentage of the ingredients used in hair masks are suitable for all hair types. However, some hair masks will be designed specifically for certain hair types. If you have dry hair, you don’t want to be using a hair mask designed for oily hair, and vice versa. This will only make your dry/oily problems even worse.

So, if a hair mask doesn’t state a hair type, don’t panic. This just means that it’s safe for all! However, if a mask has been designed specifically for a certain hair type, then don’t use it unless, of course, that hair type is yours.

How to Get the Most Out of a Hair Mask

If you want to ensure that you’re experiencing maximum benefits from any hair masks that you use, here are a few tips to follow:

Always Use a Hair Mask on Clean Hair

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To start with, your hair should always be clean before you apply a hair mask. This way, your mask can get to work on your hair follicles straight away, without having to first battle through dirt, oil, and product buildup. 

However, make sure that you use a shampoo that doesn’t cause any extra damage to your hair, such as Evalectric’s Moisturizing Shampoo. Just like our hair mask, this formula is infused with argan oil. It also contains plant proteins to leave your hair feeling stronger and thicker.

Apply Your Hair Mask to Wet Hair

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While you may be tempted to apply your hair mask to dry hair, especially if you know that your hair is clean, most masks work best when used on wet hair.

It all comes down to how wet hair is highly absorbable. This makes it easier for the mask’s ingredients to work their way into your hair follicles, meaning better results.

Don’t Be Tempted to Apply Too Much

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Hair masks can make the hair feel incredibly soft and smooth after use. As a result, it can be tempting to ignore the instructions that accompany your mask and apply a little extra to your locks.

However, this should be avoided. There’s nothing wrong with slightly increasing how much product you use, but go overboard and this could spell trouble. Using too much product will only leave your scalp and your strands feeling weighed down, and possibly also greasy. 

Don’t Skip the Mask if You’re Short on Time

Some weeks, life can get pretty hectic. If you find yourself rushing whenever you’re in the shower and don’t have time to wait for five minutes for your hair mask to work, then you may decide to give the hair mask a miss until you’re able to enjoy a more leisurely shower.

However, even a short masking session is better than none. Sure, most hair masks do best when left on the hair for 5-8 minutes, but even treating your mask like a regular conditioner and rinsing it off after a minute or two would be better than not using the mask at all.

Never Use a Conditioner Before a Hair Mask

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Wondering where a conditioner fits into your hair care routine on masking days? 

Some people skip the conditioner completely. This would be advisable if your hair type is oily or if your strands are quite thin and fine. Too much product can exacerbate your problems.

However, those who have particularly dry or damaged hair will often use a conditioner after masking. This can help to leave the hair cuticles feeling properly sealed, which reduces the appearance of further damage.

Either way, never apply a conditioner before using a hair mask. This will prevent your hair mask from properly working its magic, which you definitely don’t want!

Be Careful With DIY Masks

Some DIY hair masks have plenty of merit. However, in many cases, the hair mask recipes that you find online could potentially leave you dealing with even more problems.

How? Because some of the ingredients recommended in homemade masks are not only unsuitable for the hair but are known for being skin irritants too. When you rinse your mask off, it will come into contact with your skin, meaning that the ingredients need to be friendly to both your hair and your skin.

There’s nothing wrong with experimenting with DIY formulas once in a while. However, if you want your hair to look and feel better as quickly as possible, while also preserving the appearance of your skin, then professionally-crafted formulas containing research-backed compounds are the way to go.


With so many different hair mask products available, finding one that works well for your hair can sometimes feel like a challenge. However, follow all of our tips above and not only will you be able to match your hair to the perfect mask, but you’ll also be using it in the most effective way possible.

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