Top 15 Short Hairstyle Trends For All Genders in 2024

woman short hairstyle

Looking for a gender-neutral hairstyle that’ll allow you to really express your personality?

You’re not alone. Androgynous styles are now more popular than ever, with everyone from Miley Cyrus to Rihanna rocking their own versions. If you want to get in on this too, read on as Evalectric shares 15 short hairstyle trends for all genders in 2024.

1. The Modern Bowl Cut

Hair Serum

Although you may look back in horror at the 90’s bowl cut, the 2024 version is a little different. It takes on a more subtle edge, incorporating layers at the top to prevent it from looking too heavy. 

The bangs that accompany this look are slightly longer too. They sit about half an inch above the eyebrows, which will give you a bit of breathing room before you need to book yourself in for your next trim. This makes the modern bowl cut a much lower maintenance style than the original. Keep your hair looking glossy with a high-quality hair serum and your natural texture will take care of the rest.

2. The Mushroom

The mushroom is essentially a different take on the classic bowl cut, which is why these two hairstyle trends have jumped into the spotlight together this year. The main difference lies in the shape of the cut. The mushroom has a much more distinctive shape – one that looks like the cap of a mushroom! 

A skilled hairstylist is a must to achieve this look. Layers will need to be placed strategically through your lengths to give them movement and texture. You’ll likely also need to see your hairstylist every month as the mushroom cut requires a little more upkeep than a classic bowl.

3. The Razored Pixie

EVA Grande Styling Wand

Take a look at the gender-neutral hairstyle trends for 2024 and you’ll see many variations of the pixie cut, one of which is the razored pixie. Razor cutting is a technique that adds beautiful texture to the hair while softening the ends. It tones down the classic pixie with a tousled quality that makes this style even more endearing.

While every hair type can pull this look off, it’s particularly stunning with wavy hair. If your locks are naturally straight, grab yourself a curling wand so that you can add in some bends and kinks to enhance your natural texture.

4. The Buzz Cut Pixie

There’s no denying the ultra-low-maintenance appeal of a buzz cut. In fact, many would say that it leans more toward no maintenance. However, for many, a buzz cut can be slightly too masculine. If you agree, you’ll love the buzz cut pixie, one of this year’s hairstyle trends that takes the classic buzz cut to a new level.

This mimics the traditional buzz cut at the sides. However, the top of the hair features short layers, reminiscent of a pixie. The combination of the two still produces a non-binary finish, yet one that’s surprisingly versatile. You’ll be able to add as much femininity as you’d like by experimenting with different layers and bangs.

5. The Wolf Cut

Popularized by Billie Eilish, the wolf cut is a shag/mullet hybrid that has been taking the world by storm. The longer version became one of the top hairstyle trends of 2022, with 2024 seeing shorter wolf cuts taking centerstage. 

Thanks to the short and choppy layers around the face, this is one of those rare hairstyles that works with all face shapes. It’s extremely flattering and will help to soften any harsh angles in your facial features.

6. The Modern Shag


Although the classic shag is usually shoulder-length, the modern shag takes things shorter. This is another style that works well with all face shapes, although those with thick hair tend to pull it off best. 

In terms of upkeep, the shag doesn’t require too much effort. However, you may want to invest in a flat iron. This will allow you to emphasize that choppy texture while also keeping the overall shape under control if your hair is naturally wavy.

7. The Midfade

You’re probably familiar with the fade, a hairstyle where the hair starts off long at the top and then gradually fades to a shorter cut at the sides, before disappearing into nothing. It’s an undeniably daring look, although it may be slightly too edgy for some.

That’s where the midfade comes in. Just like the regular fade, this style sees the sides of the hair being shaved shorter. However, unlike a regular fade, your scalp doesn’t show through completely. It still has the same vibe as a normal fade but in a much more subtle way.

8. The Sleek Side-Parted Comb-Over

Many of the biggest hairstyle trends this year are a nod toward styles that have already made an appearance in decades past. The comb-over is one of these. This is where the hair is longer at the top and shorter at the sides and back. It features a side part that enables the longer top to then be combed to one side.

This has been a popular look among men over the years, but women are now proudly rocking it too. This year sees the sleek comb-over make a comeback, where the hair is dramatically slicked down in a way that gives this style an even more polished finish.

9. The Pixie Bob

Also known as the bixie, the pixie bob is a hybrid hairstyle that many have been favoring so far this year. It brings together elements from a short bob and a pixie, resulting in a sleek yet textured style that works well for every occasion.

Again, this is another universal style that almost everyone can pull off. The layering and texturizing involved in this one give even thin strands a voluminous finish, leaving your mane looking full and thick.

10. The French Crop

The French crop was originally a very masculine hairstyle, although 2024 has seen it take on more of a feminine twist. This one involves having short hair at the top of the head, with the sides featuring either a taper or a fade.

The beauty of this look is that it can be used to draw attention away from any facial features that you aren’t happy with. Say, for example, you want to hide a big forehead. All you’d need to do is concentrate the length of your hair toward your bangs. Meanwhile, if you have a small forehead, you’ll be able to push those bangs back or sweep them to the side so that they don’t dwarf your face.

11. The Curtain Cut

One of the most talked-about hairstyle trends over the past couple of years has been curtain bangs. Well, 2024 takes this much-loved look even further with the curtain cut.

As you can imagine, curtain bangs are a big part of this style. However, that curtain effect doesn’t stop at your forehead. Instead, it continues back through the rest of your hair too. The hair is cut in a way that enables it to flow backward away from the face, in the same way that a curtain would!

12. The Short Mohawk

A traditional mohawk involves shaving the sides of the head but leaving a strip running down the top/middle. That strip is usually quite long, which beautifully contrasts with the lack of length at the sides.

The short mohawk is similar, but with the center section not being quite so long. How long should it be, exactly? That’s completely up to you! This is where you can make this style your own. Experiment with different lengths until you find one that perfectly complements your facial features.

13. Locs


Locs, which were traditionally known as dreadlocks, have been making a big comeback. While they can be left to form naturally, you’ll have more control over your finished look by creating them yourself. You can do this with a two-strand twist, the interlocking method, or the coil technique. Either way, the tighter your natural curls are, the easier it will be to create your locs.

The key to keeping locs looking healthy is to ensure that your hair is always well-conditioned. You’ll need to pamper your strands with a rich, oil-infused conditioner, just like the Evalectric Moisturizing Conditioner. It contains argan oil, one of the best ingredients for keeping the hair feeling protected against oxidative damage. 

14. The Pompadour

Pro Beauty Dryer

The pompadour is a historic hairstyle that was originally designed for women but soon became a cut favored by men. Today, it’s one of the top hairstyle trends for all genders, with everyone from Pink to Miley Cyrus showing off their own versions.

This style involves combing the hair upward and backward, in a way that produces a big ‘pomp’ at the top of the head. To properly replicate this shape, you’ll need a powerful blow dryer, such as the Evalectric Pro Beauty Dryer. Thanks to its powerful motor and two concentrator attachments, you’ll be able to quickly create a pomp that you can be proud of!

15. The Shaggy Bob With Bangs

Orange Straight Brush Styler

This is a hairstyle that’s playful yet sophisticated at the same time, making it hardly surprising that it’s loved by so many. The shagginess of it gives it plenty of texture, keeping it fun, while the bangs add a demure quality.

The best bangs for this look are usually short and side-swept. Just like the rest of the hair, they should also be relatively choppy. If you have trouble keeping them in place, a heated styling brush will allow you to smooth away any frizz and set your strands in place without interfering too much with your natural texture.

Gender-Neutral Hairstyle Trends From Evalectric

Gender-neutral hairstyles are really having their moment, making now the time to experiment with one if you’ve always been meaning to give the non-binary look a try. Whether you go for a bold and daring buzz cut pixie or you keep things subtle with a soft and modern bowl cut, these hairstyle trends should provide plenty of inspiration for anyone with short lengths!

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