The Versatility of Evalectric Hair Tools: Styling Beyond Straightening

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Hair straighteners were originally invented in 1909. They consisted of two flat irons that were heated and then pressed together over the hair. Although they got the job done, the damage that these hair tools used to cause could often be quite severe!

Fortunately, heated styling tools have come a long way since then. The high-quality hair straighteners of today are not only exceptionally efficient but they also boast a number of other features that enable them to do so much more than simply straighten the hair. 

These qualities are encompassed in all of the hair tools from Evalectric. Read on as we explain how versatile our styling tools are and how they can help you to take your styling game to the next level!

A Sleek, Shiny, and Damage-Free Finish

Although your main aim when straightening your hair may be to iron out those waves and achieve a super-straight finish, the damage that often goes hand-in-hand with flat iron usage can affect this. Many of the hair straighteners out there are designed solely to straighten the hair, without taking into account the subsequent frizz, dullness, and roughness that can come with the wrong type of heat exposure.

This is where Evalectric’s hair tools are very different. Each one incorporates a combination of features that keep the hair feeling protected while it’s being styled:

Far Infrared Technology

Ceramic Silk Pink Cheetah

Far infrared technology is one of the standout features of Evalectric hair tools. It involves directing far infrared wavelengths into the hair while it’s being straightened. This has the effect of heating the hair gently and more evenly, but still effectively. It means that you’ll be able to straighten your hair with less heat in a shorter amount of time. 

As an added bonus, far infrared technology also encourages moisture retention, saving you from the dehydration that can occur when other heated hair tools are frequently used. This is why when you use an Evalectric tool that encompasses this tech, such as the Ceramic Silk Straightener, you’ll be left with a soft and glossy finish.

Negative Ion Technology

Negative ion technology pairs perfectly with far infrared technology. This is why the two are usually found together in Evalectric heated hair tools. 

When a hair straightener boasts negative ion technology, this essentially means that it emits negative ions while it straightens the hair. This neutralizes the positive ions in the hair, which would have otherwise led to frizz and static. Use a straightener with negative ion technology and your hair will end up looking so much smoother and sleeker!

Floating Plate Technology

Floating plates are an important feature to look for in straightening hair tools if you want to keep snagging to a minimum. It means that rather than the flat iron plates being fixed to a base, they sit on springs. This allows the plates to tilt to various angles, allowing them to better cushion the hair.

The flexibility provided by floating plates makes it much easier to style hair. It gives the straightener a versatility that makes it well-suited to just about any type of hairstyle that you try to create!

A Choice of Hair Tools For All Hair Types

When it comes to styling your hair, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is your hair type. This should heavily influence your choice of hair tools. After all, fine and thin hair reacts to heat very differently than thick and coarse hair. 

This is easy to do with Evalectric since there are so many different models to pick from. Each one has been designed to cater to certain hair types, enabling you to customize your styling session while ensuring that you don’t leave your locks feeling damaged.

Where do you begin if you want to pick a tool that’s perfect for your hair type? Here are three key features to keep an eye out for:

Plate Material

Deep Purple Classic Styler

Start by taking a look at plate material. If your hair is thin or has already been affected by heat/chemical damage, ceramic plates are what you need. Ceramic is known for heating the hair gently and evenly. It’s the least damaging of all plate materials yet works beautifully when styling the hair. You’ll find ceramic plates on several Evalectric hair tools, including the Deep Purple Classic Styler.

Meanwhile, if your hair is thick and coarse, you may find that ceramic plates take a little too long to get the job done. Titanium plates, however, offer a little more intensity. They heat up faster and will enable you to straighten your hair in a shorter amount of time. Give them a try for yourself with the Evalectric Ultra Beauty Titanium Peach. 

Plate Size

Mini Classic Styler Pink-1

Flat irons come in a variety of sizes, and there’s a reason for this…

If your hair is very thick and long, it will likely take much longer to style than hair that’s fine and short. However, the wider your flat iron plates are, the faster this becomes. Wide plates mean that you’ll be able to straighten larger sections of your hair at a time, saving you time.

At Evalectric, our widest flat iron plates are 1.25” – perfect for very thick hair. Several of our hair tools feature plates of this size, including the Pink Soft Touch Professional 1.25”. 

Of course, if your hair is quite thin and short, wide plates can be tricky to handle. This applies to bangs too. In these cases, you’ll need narrower plates, such as the 1/2” plates on the Evalectric Mini Classic Styler.

Adjustable Temperature

Ceramic Silk Pink

Some hair straighteners come with just one temperature option. You simply turn them on and they heat up to their single preset temperature. This is usually quite high, which works well for those with thicker hair types.

However, if your hair is thin or damaged in any way, an overly high heat is definitely not what you need! Subject your strands to this and you’ll only end up burning and further damaging your locks. You’ll be left with a dull, rough, and frizzy finish, rather than the sleek smoothness you were aiming for.

This is where an adjustable temperature dial can be a game-changer – something that many Evalectric models offer. Our Crazy Pink Classic Styler, for example, allows you to choose the perfect temperature for your hair type, with a maximum of 460°F. Spend some time trying out a few different temperatures and you’ll soon find the middle ground that’s capable of styling your hair without causing it any harm.

Hair Straighteners That Can Curl Too


Did you know that some hair straighteners are great for curling hair too? Sure, they won’t give you perfectly defined ringlets in the way that a curling wand or iron would but, with the right straightener, you’ll be able to create relaxed curls and sultry beachy waves that any stylist would be proud of! 

How do you know if a straightener can be used to curl your hair?

Keep an eye out for rounded edges, such as those on the Evalectric Ultra Turbo Styler. Thanks to those round edges, you’ll be able to use this flat iron to twist and twirl your locks into gorgeous waves. Even better, this flat iron boasts all of the standout features that we’ve already mentioned. From an adjustable temperature that reaches 500°F to negative ion and infrared technologies, this is a versatile and superior styling tool that will give you a superior finish as a result.

Skip the Straightener For a Straight Brush

Orange Straight Brush Styler

Usually, when people want to straighten their hair, their go-to is a flat iron. After all, isn’t this the only option?

With Evalectric, no. You have another cutting-edge tool that you could use; the Straight Brush Styler. It may look just like a regular hairbrush at first but plug it in and it will start to heat up. How hot it gets is up to you. Just like our flat irons, this tool offers an adjustable temperature too. Again, just like our other advanced hair tools, it comes with a ceramic surface along with infrared and negative ion technologies. 

Is it as easy to use as a regular flat iron?

It’s even easier! All you need to do is brush your hair. Each time the brush glides through your strands, the heat will help to smooth and straighten them. Although it won’t leave your locks as poker-straight as a flat iron would, it will still help to iron out bends, kinks, and curls while leaving your hair looking soft and frizz-free.

Complimentary Hair Care Products


Of course, when heat-styling your hair, the hair tools that you use are only one part of the equation. If you want to keep the appearance of damage to a minimum, then hair care plays a big role too. 

Fortunately, Evalectric has this covered as well. With our range of hair care products, you’ll be able to lavish your locks with plenty of love and prep work, making your styling efforts even more efficient. 

We would recommend starting with the Evalectric Moisturizing Shampoo and then following up with our Moisturizing Conditioner. Both formulas are infused with argan oil, which is packed with nutrients and fatty acids that will keep your hair feeling healthy.

The Evalectric Hair Serum is also a must in your styling arsenal. Apply some to your hair while it’s still damp and you’ll be able to keep your hair feeling safe and protected when it is being heat styled. Again, you’ll find argan oil in this formula, along with vitamin E.

Once you’re done styling your hair, turn to the Extreme Hold Hair Spray. It will lock your style in place, keeping it looking flawless for hours!


When it comes to versatile hair tools, it doesn’t get much better than the Evalectric range. No matter your hair type, length, or condition, you’ll find a variety of heated tools available that will allow you to style your locks to perfection while keeping your strands feeling at their healthiest.

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