Spring Hairstyle Trends and How to Do Them

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Spring is all about new beginnings and fresh starts, making it the perfect season to try something new when it comes to your hair. If you’re on the hunt for some inspiration, read on as Evalectric talks you through some of the biggest hairstyle trends for spring, along with how to pull off each look:

A Big and Bouncy 90s Blow Dry

Pro Beauty Dryer

Voluminous waves and curls are set to take over the hair scene in 2024. Inspired by the big and bouncy blowouts of the 90s (think Cindy Crawford), this is one of the hairstyle trends that you’ll soon be seeing everywhere.

To achieve this look, you’ll need two tools; a round brush and a high-quality blow dryer. Look for one that has a diffuser, such as the Evalectric Pro Beauty Dryer, which comes with two! 

You’ll then need to work through your hair in sections, each one around two inches in size. Wrap each section around your round brush and point your blow dryer downward as you move it from root to tip. Use your brush to give that section tension as you’re drying it. Once you release that section, you should be left with a gorgeous bouncy wave!

Sculptural Braids

Each year brings with it different hairstyle trends, yet braids are usually somewhere on that list. They’ve always been loved by women (and men!) due to how they keep the hair away from the face yet still offer so much versatility in terms of styling.

This spring sees braids taking on a new spin by boasting a more sculptural quality. Simply put, sculptural braids involve creating single braids around your head and then looping them over each other before securing each one with a pin. It will give you an intricately artistic finish, leaving your hair with a high-fashion sculptural edge that will completely elevate your whole look!

Luxuriously Expensive


If you’ve ever enjoyed the thick and gloriously healthy finish that the hair takes on after a visit to a high-end hair salon, you’ll love the next of our hairstyle trends. This one is all about showcasing hair that looks and feels luxuriously expensive.

While your hair salon may be able to work wonders in minutes, achieving this look at home takes time. Essentially, there’s no way to fake it – your hair needs to actually be in a healthy state in order for it to sport this look. 

If your hair hasn’t been looking very healthy lately, you’ll likely need to revamp your haircare routine. Make sure that you’re using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, and give your hair some extra nutrients and hydration with a hair serum. The Evalectric Hair Serum is infused with argan oil and vitamin E, both of which will soon have your hair looking voluminous and glossy.

Deep Side Parts

A side part is always flattering, no matter your hair type or face shape. It will give your look some instant glamor, which is why so many will be delighted to discover that this is one of the hottest hairstyle trends for this spring. The middle part that was all the rage in 2023 will now be taking a few steps to the side.

Usually, experts recommend that a side part lines up with the highest point of the eyebrow that sits below. However, 2024 takes things further by pushing that part even more to the side. This gives the hair a super-dramatic flip.

To create your part, use a comb to split your hair where you want your part to lie. You may need to repeat this a few times to encourage your strands to fall in the right direction. 

The French Twist

Extreme Hold Hair Spray

The French twist is one of the most classic updos around. While some may say that this elegant style is at the top of the list of this spring’s hairstyle trends, others would argue that it never went out of style and has always been a trending look.

Either way, although this traditional hairstyle may seem a little intimidating, it’s surprisingly easy to create. Start by pulling your hair to one side before sliding a bobby pin up from the bottom. Continue adding more bobby pins, working vertically up your hair but crisscrossing them over each other to give them the strength that they need to keep your hair secured. 

Then, gather your hair into one hand and twist it tightly, pulling it upward. Use more bobby pins to hold your locks in place before finishing with a spritz of hairspray. The Evalectric Extreme Hold Hair Spray is perfect for this!

The Sleek Bun

The messy bun had its moment in 2023, but spring 2024 sees the bun take on a sleeker and neater finish. Loved for its glamorous, catwalk-ready nature, the sleek bun is a beautifully elegant hairstyle that people are using to take a casual outfit to the next level.

Even better, this hairstyle only takes a few minutes to create. Start by parting your hair and brushing out any tangles. Then, comb your hair upward, away from your scalp, and gather it together into a bun. Secure it tightly and then use a hair serum to smooth away any flyaway strands. 

The Wet Look

The wet look is everywhere at the moment, with many embracing the edginess that it provides. At the same time, there are plenty of others that are afraid to give this trend a try. They’re all too familiar with how quickly a wet look can turn messy, after which it’s much harder to fix.

The secret to pulling this one off is to find a styling product that makes your hair look wet, as opposed to actually sporting soaking wet strands. A high-shine serum or an oil-based cream does the job well. They’ll give your hair a deeply glossy finish that will make it seem as though your strands are wet, even though they’re not. This will enable you to style your wet look however you please, without having to worry about things changing as your hair starts to dry.

Birkin Bangs

Orange Straight Brush Styler

Move over, curtain bangs – Birkin bangs are now the hottest fringe of the spring. This look is inspired by the legendary Jane Birkin, who sported eyebrow-grazing bangs back in the 70s. What sets these bangs apart is the way in which the ends are cut to be quite thin and wispy. This lightens the whole look up while still maintaining its sultry appeal.

Unlike other bang types, Birkin bangs are very easy to maintain. To style them each day, simply use a round brush to brush them forward, and then blow dry them in the same direction. Alternatively, save time by using a heated styling brush, such as the Evalectric Straight Brush Styler Peach Please, instead! It will give you the perfect amount of heat to encourage your bangs to sit in the right place and, unlike a flat iron, it won’t leave your fringe with any unsightly bends or angles!

The Braided Ponytail

As we mentioned earlier, braids are always somewhere to be seen when it comes to each season’s hairstyle trends. In addition to the sculptural braids that we discussed, the braided ponytail is also set to be hot this spring.

If your go-to hairstyle on a busy morning is a ponytail, you’ll love how this trend elevates your entire look without requiring much extra time. Simply tie your hair into a high ponytail, just like you normally would. Then, use that ponytail to create a three-strand braid, securing it at the bottom with another elastic band. And that’s it – you’re good to go!

Bow Stacking

Love hair accessories? This hairstyle trend places them front and center!

Bows were already a sought-after accessory back in 2023. However, 2024 takes things to the next level with bow stacking. This is exactly what it sounds like – stacking multiple bows above/below/next to each other, so that your mane is completely decked out in them!

Many take this trend even further by incorporating bows into their outfits too. When it comes to bow stacking, the more bows you’re wearing, the better!

A Single Tendril

Grande Styling Wand

Want to give your locks a high-fashion look without having to spend too much time on them? The next of our hairstyle trends will have you covered…

This one is all about accentuating your face with a single tendril of hair. It’s best achieved with an updo since this really emphasizes that single tendril hanging down. Ideally, separate the tendril off before styling the rest of your hair. Then, reach for a curling wand to define your tendril and give it some curves. The Grande Styling Wand from Evalectric will do this beautifully!

Au Naturale


Tired of forcing your hair to be something it’s not? The good news is that not all of 2024’s hairstyle trends require this. If you’re hoping for a way to embrace your natural texture, the au naturale trend is the one to lean toward.

As you can guess from its name, this trend involves rocking your hair in its natural state. Rather than using heated styling tools to manipulate your strands into unnatural angles, you would instead use those tools to bring out your hair’s natural shape.

Say you have straight-ish hair. Rather than curling it, you would use a flat iron to emphasize the sleekness of your strands. Likewise, if you have natural curls, avoid straightening them. Instead, turn to a curling wand to give your curls some extra definition and movement. This is a trend that will make styling your hair so much easier!

Spring Hairstyle Trends From Evalectric

As you can see, the hairstyle trends for this spring are wonderfully varied. There are likely to be quite a few trends on this list that you can experiment with straight away, no matter your hair type or texture. Whether you decide to go long and voluminous, intricately braided, or keep things natural, the above looks will ensure that your hair looks trendy and relevant throughout the season.

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