The Science Behind Shiny Hair: Secrets to Achieving Lustrous Locks

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While everyone may dream of rocking lustrous, shiny hair, achieving that vivid gloss isn’t an easy feat. There’s so much out there that can damage the hair’s natural shine, causing it to look dull and lackluster instead.

So, what can you do about this? That’s where Evalectric can help. Read on as we share some top professional secrets that will have you achieving smooth and shiny hair in no time at all.

What Makes Shiny Hair Shiny?

Before we get started with our game-changing tips, it’s important for you to understand the science behind shiny hair. Knowing what causes that shine will then make it much easier for you to attain your hair goals.

Fortunately, this isn’t too complicated. When it comes down to it, shiny hair is achieved when light is able to bounce off the surface of the hair. In order for this to happen, the surface of your hair needs to be smooth. If your hair is damaged in any way, then the outer layer of each strand will be rough. This will prevent it from properly reflecting light, therefore taking away your natural shine.

What causes the hair to become damaged in this way?

For many, it’s due to a lack of moisture. However, everything from your diet to harsh hair care products to the weather can also affect how glossy and healthy your hair looks.

How to Get Shiny Hair

Ready to learn how to achieve shiny hair once again? Here are the tips you should be following:

Add Moisture to Your Mane


If the hair is dry or dehydrated, it will be lacking that beautiful natural shine. So, your first point of call should be to quench your thirsty locks and give them the moisture that they’re craving.


A moisturizing conditioner, such as the Evalectric Moisturizing Conditioner, is always a good bet. This formula is brimming with argan oil, a natural ingredient that’s loaded with fatty acids. Fatty acids are known for contributing to shiny hair because of how they intensely moisturize. They quickly replenish dryness while ensuring that the hair cuticles feel supported, giving the hair a gorgeous gloss.

When applying a moisturizing conditioner, don’t be too hasty in washing it off. Wait two to three minutes for the ingredients to be able to penetrate into your strands before giving your hair a final rinse.

Rinse With Warm, Not Cold, Water

Whether you read it on your favorite beauty blog or your hairstylist swears by the advice, there’s a huge hair care myth circulating out there that sees people using cold water for their final rinse in order to encourage shiny hair. This supposedly helps to seal off the hair cuticles, which would give the hair shaft a smoother, and therefore shinier, finish.

This myth was recently put to the test by TRI Princeton, an independent research group. They found that a cold water rinse has absolutely no effect whatsoever on how shiny the hair looks. Instead, a warm water rinse is what you need for shiny hair.

Why is this?

Because cold water isn’t capable of properly removing any product residue that may still be lingering on your strands while warm water is. In fact, blasting your hair with frigid temperatures could end up causing the blood capillaries on your scalp to constrict, which could potentially be detrimental to hair growth.

Blot Instead of Rubbing

Once the hair is washed, many people automatically reach for a towel and give their locks a good scrubbing. While this may help to speed up how quickly your hair dries, it’s not doing you any favors when it comes to encouraging smooth strands.

When you rub your hair with a towel, this roughs up each hair shaft. Doing this too vigorously could even lead to breakages and frizz, none of which will give you shiny hair.

So, instead, try blotting your hair with your towel rather than rubbing it. Simply wrap your towel around a section of your hair and gently squeeze it to release excess water. 

This may seem quite time-consuming at first, but how long it takes all depends on the towel that you’re using. Go with a soft microfiber towel and you’ll be able to halve your drying time due to how this material is able to absorb such a huge amount of water.

Avoid Over-Washing Your Hair


You now know the best way to rinse and dry your locks if you’re hoping for shiny hair, but how often should you actually be doing this? 

When it comes down to it, how often you wash your hair will depend on everything from your hair type to your lifestyle. Those with oily hair will need to wash their strands more often than people with dry hair. Likewise, people who spend a lot of time swimming, or even sweating, will need a greater number of hair-washing sessions.

However, it’s important to be mindful of how often you wash your hair. Even if you’re using an amazing shampoo, such as Evalectric’s Moisturizing Shampoo, over-washing your strands will leave them lacking their natural oils. Sure, these oils can make your hair feel greasy when they build up, but they also serve the very important purpose of keeping your locks moisturized. They significantly contribute to your hair’s shine, making it crucial to preserve these oils as much as possible.

If your hair has been looking and feeling dry and dull, try cutting back on how often you wash it to see if you can encourage those natural oils to transform your strands.

Use Ionic Heated Styling Tools

Classic Styler Ocean Blue

It’s no secret that overusing heated styling tools, or using badly-designed tools, can quickly damage the hair. This, of course, detracts from its shine.

Ideally, if you’re trying to repair the look of damage and bring about shiny hair once again, you should be cutting back on how often you heat style your hair. 

With that said, heat styling can sometimes be unavoidable. Whether you have an important presentation at work or a special event to attend, heated styling tools are sometimes the only way to get a stubborn mane under control and looking presentable.

This is where ionic styling tools, such as the Evalectric Ocean Blue Classic Styler, come in. These styling tools make use of negative ion technology. This means that they release negative ions into the hair as they work, which counter the frizz-inducing positive ions on your strands.

Even better, ionic styling tools are able to get the job done at a lower temperature. This means that you won’t need to subject your locks to such an intense heat in order to style them. 

The result of less frizz and little to no heat damage? The shiny hair that you’ve been seeking!

Try a Shine-Enhancing Hair Serum

hair serum

Ever wish that you had a product that you could quickly apply to your locks to bring about a high-shine look?

You’ll be happy to know that some hair serums, such as the Evalectric Hair Serum, have been designed to do exactly that. This product is infused with aloe vera leaf extract, a botanical that will quickly add moisture and shine to the appearance of your mane. It contains vitamin E too, another ingredient that’s revered for its moisturizing properties. When combined, these two superstars will give your locks the gloss that you’ve been seeking.

Ideally, apply the serum to your strands while they’re still damp. Run it through your hair, making sure that all of your strands have been evenly coated. Then, go ahead and style your locks as normal before enjoying the extra shine that shows through afterward!

Treat Your Locks to a Boar-Bristle Hairbrush

A good hairbrush is crucial for ensuring that your locks remain tangle-free. However, this isn’t all that your hairbrush does…

Each time you brush your hair, you’re aiding in the distribution of natural oils from your scalp down to the ends of your hair shafts. These oils will make their way down on their own but it can take a while for this to happen, especially if your hair is curly. Brushing your hair speeds this process up, ensuring that dry ends are pampered by those natural oils. This will give your hair a much healthier and shinier finish.

With that said, some hairbrushes do this better than others. Many hairbrushes are fitted with plastic or nylon bristles. These can still help to distribute oils but those bristles are also known for tugging at the hair, which can cause damage and breakages.

Instead, you’ll want to use a boar-bristle hairbrush. These bristles are extremely gentle while also being fantastic at smoothing down hair cuticles. As mentioned, smoother locks are shinier locks. Just this one simple change in your hair care routine could give you the shiny hair you’ve been wanting!

Give Your Scalp Some TLC

In order to enjoy shiny hair, you need to have a healthy scalp. The healthier your scalp feels, the more natural oils it will produce, which will keep your hair better moisturized.

So, how can you give your scalp some TLC?

Start with regular scalp massages. These will help to boost circulation, leaving the cells in your scalp feeling capable of functioning to their full potential.

Specialized scalp treatments can also be useful. These will eliminate any product residue that has built up on your scalp and is blocking the release of natural oils. The result will be hair that looks much glossier.

Sleep on Silk or Satin

Want to wake up in the mornings with effortlessly shiny hair? If so, you may want to switch out your cotton pillowcase for one that’s made from silk or satin instead.

Why? Because when your hair rubs against cotton, or other similar materials, friction is created. This friction roughs up the hair shafts, leaving the hair looking dull and frizzy.

On the other hand, when you move your head against a silk or satin pillowcase, friction is greatly reduced. Instead, your hair will easily glide over these materials. This will allow you to wake up to hair that looks so much smoother and softer. Not only will it be significantly easier to style, but it will also look shinier as a result.


If you’re striving for shiny hair, then the above tips are definitely worth trying. Implement them into your hair care and styling routine as soon as possible and it won’t be long before you notice that your hair starts to look thicker, glossier, and healthier overall.

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